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On the island of Santa Catarina, South Brazil, are produced the cachaça Armazem Vieira since the 19th century.

The construction of the Armazem Vieira warehouse in 1840, by the sea in the small bay of “Saco dos Limões”, constitutes an important commercial milestone among the different parishes and villages of the region.

The warehouse also traded with the big sailing ships that dock on the Island to supply water, coffee, cassava flour, sugar, meats, vegetables, nautical paraphernalia, ship masts (of ariribá wood) and the essential cachaça.




In 1983, the engineers and mixologists Wolfgang Schrader and Renato Grasso Bollo, acquired the historical Armazem Vieira and were fascinated to know their mercantile tradition in cachaça in interviews with renowned distillers still existing in the region of Santa Catarina Island.

They researched bibliographical references and consulted the School of Agronomy Luiz de Queiroz in Piracicaba, SP and joined with a skilled and studied distiller of the region and with the Federal University of Santa Catarina and began their own history with the objective of producing quality cachaças to put them in the international market among the best distillates.


In 1997, the Ministry of Agriculture suggested adding on the label "Cachaça Armazenada"(stored cachaça) since cachaça was stored in the barrels of Armazem Vieira for many years.

In January 2000. the cachaças were launched on the market:

  • ARMAZEM VIEIRA, ONIX, aged 16 years;
  • ARMAZEM VIEIRA, TERRA, aged 12 years;
  • ARMAZEM VIEIRA, RUBI, aged 8 years;
  • ARMAZEM VIEIRA, SAFIRA, aged 3 years

In the same year began the exports of these cachaças to the United States and Germany.






Criaram seu próprio conhecimento habilitando-se para novos desafios e oportunidades para continuar com o desenvolvimento tecnológico e surpreendendo os apreciadores de bebidas destiladas.

As cachaças Armazem Vieira tem marca Registrada no Brasil, Estados Unidos, Mercado Comum Europeu e Suíça.