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Armazem Vieira Cachaças are produced two types of bottles:

  • Armazem Vieira, own bottle, personalized with company logo and embossed in the background “Ilha de Santa Catarina – Brasil”. 

          Handmade bottle, recycled glass, light greenish with a capacity of 750 ml and average weight of 1.25 kg.

  • Vitoria, industrial bottle, international quality, white glass, capacity 700 ml and weight of 1.10 kg

Both bottles are closed with pilfer proof aluminum caps with the embossed brand logo and with colors indicative for each product.

The boxes, with 6 bottles, are of double corrugated craft, personalized with the logo of the company and identified with the application of the cachaça labels. Inside, cardboard separators between the bottles. On request, bottles can be packed in individual cases with a front window.

The boxes with 6 bottles Armazem Vieira weigh 8.3 kg (average) and with 6 Vitoria bottles weigh 7.25 kg.

The boxes measure 33 x 27 x 20 cm (height, width, depth).

60 boxes are packed in a pallet; in a container of 20' fit 24 pallets, totaling 8,640 bottles with an approximate weight of 12,500 kg with the bottle Armazem Vieira or 10,500 kg with the bottle Vitoria.

                                 Armazem Vieira and Vitoria Bottle            Armazem Vieira Bottle                  VitoriaBottle

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